About our server


The CHMI server, nicknamed ‘Acadia’, is a powerful Linux workstation running Ubuntu 23.10 It has 2Tb of RAM, and two 26-core Intel Xeon 5320 'Ice Lake-SP' 2.2 GHz CPUs (total of 52 CPU cores, or 104 threads). This machine is also equipped with two NVIDIA RTX6000 GPUs with ‘Ada Lovelace’ architecture, each with 48GB of memory. You can read more about these GPUs here.


Software available on this machine changes from time to time, but you can always view a relatively up-to-date listing of informatics tools we have installed here. In addition to this software, we also host RStudio Server Pro on this machine, which allows anyone with an account on the server to run RStudio in their browser with full access to this machine's compute capabilities. We also have Geneious Prime installed and accessible remotely through a desktop sharing protocol.

drives and filesystem

Our Linux server is equipped with roughly 100Tb of storage. There are two main directories you will need to be familiar with:

General rules

Use of the server is free-of-charge to approved PennVet labs. However, to protect the machine from abuse and prevent issues with storage, we have a few rules all users must follow. Failure to adhere to these rules will result in a warning. Additional violations will result in suspension of your account. Here are the rules:

Connect to CHMI linux server via SSH

<aside> 📌 Accounts on our Linux server will only be granted to labs at PennVet. Contact Dan Beiting if you're at PennVet and would like to request an account.